How Long Will My Money Last

How Long Will My Money Last?

Whether retirement is 10, 20, 30 or even 5 years away or here right now, everyone experiences a bit of confusion about their financial situations and wonder “how long will my money last”. After all, retirement is a wonderful and new experience, a time to experience life. However, it is a time that requires careful planning, a bit of adjusting and some good sense. So, if you’re feeling a bit nervous, don’t worry. These are all normal and extremely healthy feelings. Basically to feel worried means that you’re thinking the situation through. Now, the answer to the question will depend on several factors. In this article, we will help you figure out the state of your affairs and whether you will have enough money in retirement to live comfortably or whether you’ll need to supplement your savings.

This is similar with planning for any long-term goal. First, you need to determine how much money you’ll need in retirement. You need to sit down and ask yourself how much money you need to cover basic necessities like shelter, food, utilizes and debt. Then, add a bit more to cover those unexpected financial events that you hadn’t thought of. For instance, include extra for a new furnace, water heater, illness, etc. This will help you prepare in case you miscalculated. With this safety cushion, you will feel much more comfortable. At retirement, most people need to evaluate their finances to determine if their social security, pensions and investment portfolio can give an adequate income. Keep in mind that your capital is your safety cushion and you usually need to leave it intact.

Estimate Your Retirement Expense|

In order to figure out how long will my money last, you should consider inflation and the value of your dollar. Financial planners recommend using up to 7 percent in your forecasts. It is irresponsible, if you assume any below 4%. When considering retirement, it is better to err on the side of caution and adjust upward. If you adjust downward, you may not have enough. Most people experience a fair amount of inflation in their early years. This can be attributed to their interest in traveling, purchasing recreational vehicles, etc. In essence, they like to enjoy themselves. However, when individuals get 80 or older, they start spending less. Thus inflation rates are more important during the first ten- fifteen years than later ones. Either way, you need to reduce the unnecessary inflation of expenses and live comfortably.  Keep in mind that this will vary person to person.

Make your Investment Strategy|

In evaluating your investment strategy, retirees must consider their approach to risk and need to save more. The good news is that you don’t have to take ultra-conservative approach to investing your money, just because you have retired. If you’re already an investor, invest normally.  If you think this is within your comfort zone, you still can invest more aggressively, such as property trusts or shares.

Make your Spending Plans|

Everyone would like a comfortable retirement and want to pass their time without worry how long will my money last. Every retiree wants to make an endless European adventure or travel around Australia. But you need to determine your budget to estimate. Ultimately, you ought to review your budget, consider some dream trips and see the impact retirement has before you jump on the retirement bandwagon.